BR & BL Series Block Presses


The question comes up from time to time of what is the difference between the different block presses and why the price difference for the same block size. For instance the price of a 360-12 (6 BPM) is near 44k the price of a 240-12 (4 BPM) is near 27k and the price of a 12 -8-A4 (also 4 BPM) is near 20k, Both produce 4 x 12 block

The difference is the hydraulic system, component cost, structure and finally the complexity of the machine.

The BR & BL series machines are designed as entry level machines with the least expensive components and the simplest structure, hydraulic and control systems. The cost will usually amortize on one home, they will fit 3 to a 20' container for export and most importantly increase the availability of CEB construction world wide.

To see the specifications of our Brick Maker & Block Maker block presses here is the links: BR/BL