The following are incentives for the month of January

does not reflect shipping unless otherwise stated

Terms are: 50% up front at time of order with the balance due upon notification of completion.

All machines to be made per order.

the all new cinva ram design 8 x 12 x 4 $1600.00

BLM12-8A4    $18,500.00 you save $1,000

We also are offering the following used or unfinished machines paid per the above terms:

 our personal PDA480-14DP for sale, the price is $60,000 (it has made about 50,000 blocks)

 a 2011 PGA-240 with a tandem axle for $23,000 that has never made a block and needs to be finished.

a PDA360-12 that has been fabbed for a couple of years but lacks the drive and controls Regular price is $44,600, will finish with brand new components for $36,000