EarthTek LLC.

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This model produces up to 6 blocks per minute; double-pressed for uniform block density.

Price: $91,770.00

Production Rate: 360 blocks per hour
Soil Requirement: 8 to 9 Yds (meters) per hour
Block Size 4" x 14" x (10")
(width adjustable to 2")

Blocks are pressed from both sides for a uniformly dense, sharp cornered diamond block.

Engine 43 HP 4 cylinder liquid-cooled diesel 
Controls Automatic electro-mechanical; available worldwide
Hydraulic Components  available off-the-shelf
Hydraulic Oil Filtration 10 microns
Pressure to Block Adjustable up to 2350 PSI on the block
Trailer Tandem axle; capable of maintaining highway speeds
Standard Features
  • Replaceable AR 400 mold liner

  • Bulldog forged steel tongue coupler

  • New tires, wheels and axles

  • Walk-on fenders

  • Vibrator

  • Cooler

  • 10' Gravity Roller